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Карта Фуюки

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А в большем разрешении нет? А то что-то я совершенно ничего не понимаю(



Увы, нет ( Будем ориентироваться вслепую  :'(



Ж\д вокзал хоть есть?



Есть )



Чуть-чуть больше разрешением:

+ короткое описание локаций (относительно 5й войны, т.е. начало ХХІ века, а не ХХ).

Miongawa - The river that divides Fuyuki in half.
Ryuujin Matsuri - A festival celebrating the legend of a traveling monk and the dragon god of Miongawa that rampaged in Fuyuki a long, long, time ago. Used to take place in the fall and the summer, but now is only held in the summer. Using his power (houriki, spiritual power) the monk used incantation and prayer on the dragon god for three days and three nights. At the end of that, he converted the dragon god (more like tricked the simple bloke). The monk joined Ryuudouji later and the dragon god taught juudou to the monks over there to pass the time. None of this probably happened since there have only been a few monks in Ryuudouji historically with that sort of power. The festival isn't exactly that well-known anymore.
Miyamachou - Suburban area of Fuyuki.
Intersection - Connects to the shopping street, the school, the northern and southern parts of town, and to the bridge.
Shopping street
Koushuuensaikan, Taizan - The only Chinese restaurant in Miyamachou. Run by the mysterious Batsu-san, who like the typical Chinese stereotype in manga, adds -aru at the end of her sentences. Renowned for its spicy food. Really, really, spicy food. Enough to melt somebody's tongue sort of spiciness. Also where Kotomine eats his Ma-poo Dou-fu.
Edomaeya - A food stand in Miyamachou. Sells taiyaki for 80 yen each. On the other hand, the stores in Verde have a better selection. Popular among the students.
Antique store - Where Rider works.
Flower shop - One of the many places where Lancer works.
Homurabara Gakuen - Private highschool.
Emiya residence - Located on the northern end (where the Japanese style houses are) of Miyamachou.
Tohsaka residence - Located on the southern end (where the western style houses are) of Miyamachou. Known throughout the neighborhood for being a haunted house. No, it isn't haunted.
Matou residence - Located on the southern end (where the western style houses are) of Miyamachou.
Riverside park - Located by the bridge.
Fuyuki Bridge
Shinto - The urban side of Fuyuki.
Harbor - Lancer's (lost) heaven. Kiritsugu used to leave and come back to Fuyuki using the harbor.
Fuyuki Station - One hour walk from the Tohsaka residence. Constructed several years ago.
Semina Apartment - Located in Kurokizaka 4. L-shaped building with only 2 flats on each floor.
Center Building - The highest building in Fuyuki. Four kilometers away from the bridge.
Kotomine Church/Fuyuki Church - One hour walk from Miyamachou (Emiya residence). Constructed before WWII. On top of a hill.
Graveyard - A graveyard for the foreigners that moved into Fuyuki long ago.
Copenhagen - Where Shirou works. Run by Neko's father. Liquor shop x pub sort of place.
Fuyuki Central Library - Located in the middle of the Fuyuki citizen's park during the 4th war. Shutters ended up getting wrecked by an Iskandar that decided to take the books out.
Fuyuki Central Park - A park. Or is supposed to be. Devoid of people. Atmosphere is similar to a Reality Marble. Where the 4th Heaven's Feel ended.
Fancy Shop - The name of the biggest stuffed animal store in Shinto.
Verde - Biggest shopping center in town.
Mount Enzou
Ryuudouji - 40 minute dash from Emiya residence. Acts as the keystone of the Fuyuki leylines. Can be said to be the heart of the Fuyuki spiritual grounds. Built on top of a fallen leyline.
Ten no Sakazuki - The massive cavern where the Greater Holy Grail was created. Three kilometers in diameter. Also, the symbol of the contract of Angra Mainyu. The location of the Black Holy Grail. Has properties similar to a bounded barrier.
Outer forest - One hour drive by taxi from Shinto.
Einzbern Castle - Four hours from the entrance of the forest by foot.

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Фриц Хеннинг
спасибо огромное! )



Спасибо за карту!



Еще побольше и с переводом:




Виды Фуюки. Но! Так город выглядит почти в конце 20 века. Делайте на это скидку: http://trypticon.org/trips/japan-2010/fate/


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